spinning training?

As stated previously, I am planning to spin for tapestry. Mixing three different fiber from different dyer makes this project more fun!

preparation for spinning

I am planning to spin for tapestry. Using 4×3 oz fiber, I should be able to make decent size.

Know My fiber better

I have been listening many people say we should know our fiber better in order to use properly. Well, hearing is not knowing. I should be able to track my spinning-way better than… Continue reading

Wool combing

I ┬ádecided to comb my two-year old fleece from Hokkaido. This fiber was washed and included many vegetable matters. Shetland is double layer, and it was hard carding. Here is my washed fiber.… Continue reading

Novelty yarn trial?

This does not looks good at all. I did try something new to me spinning. I made thick-thin yarn and relatively consistent yarn, and plyed them. This is before soaking. Because thick part… Continue reading

chain ply?

In order to practice spinning, I am trying to chain ply. The term “chain ply” may not appropriate. 4 singles are span with S-twist (counter-clock wise) 2 singles are span with Z-twist (clock… Continue reading

Yak is lovely

My first time to spin Yak. Yak fiber is short staple and slips from my fingers. I span from the fold as instructed, and even this could not stop them to slip. Touching… Continue reading

Progress of Into the Whirled

This fiber is spinning relatively thin, and require me to spend much time with my wheel. I love how these coming out. This will be 3-ply!    

Into the world of “Into the whirled”

practice for tour de fleece.

I did n-ply (above) as well as 3 ply. Both came out bright! However, these are not really self-striping…hmmm