Know My fiber better


I have been listening many people say we should know our fiber better in order to use properly.

Well, hearing is not knowing.

I should be able to track my spinning-way better than previously. Since I started to “Journey to the Golden Fleece”. I want to make this blog to be my journal to this journey.

I used non-dyied shetland and Cotswold sheep, and purchased green fiber (merino, nylon).

IMG_3186Cotswold felt too rough for me to make consistent thick-thin yarn..

Since cotswold had great curly crimp, I should try another type of yarn.


Wool combing

I  decided to comb my two-year old fleece from Hokkaido. This fiber was washed and included many vegetable matters.

Shetland is double layer, and it was hard carding.

Here is my washed fiber.



Set fleece into comb.

IMG_3139Added some more!

IMG_3140After combing once and transfer.

IMG_3142Finally got to diz. I used five-yen coin.

IMG_3145Half of fleece became waste. I will card the waste.







Novelty yarn trial?


IMG_3120This does not looks good at all.
I did try something new to me spinning. I made thick-thin yarn and relatively consistent yarn, and plyed them.

This is before soaking.

Because thick part is underplyed, I am thinking to sock this yarn. I will try this method first time, and looking forward to see how these will turn out.

braids to singles.





chain ply?


In order to practice spinning, I am trying to chain ply. The term “chain ply” may not appropriate.

4 singles are span with S-twist (counter-clock wise)

2 singles are span with Z-twist (clock wise).

2 2-ply are span with S-twist.

IMG_2950I made 4 singles with Shetland sheep fiber.

IMG_3013 IMG_3014Final yarn is very energetic! and loosely plyed…hmmm.

I am not sure where I did too much. Looking forward to bath it to see how this yarn will change.